Leaving your job? Mind what you take with you.

Personal data is protected for very good reasons...

As so many of us hold business contact detail and lists of client and customer information, it’s sometimes easy to overlook that this personal data is all protected data. It might even be tempting to think that as it’s information you use all the time, you can do what you like with it - but that’s definitely not the case, as this example illustrates:

A recruitment consultant emailed the personal data of approximately 100 clients and potential clients to her personal email address as she was leaving to start a new role at a rival recruitment company. She then contacted those individuals, looking to secure new business, once she started her new job.

The Information Commissioner’s Office was notified and prosecuted the consultant. She pleaded guilty and was fined under section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998 for unlawfully obtaining personal data.

A prosecution by the ICO is not the best way to start a new job. If you are in any doubt about data protection and exactly what information you can hold and use, why not give us a ring for the latest legal advice.

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